New CD "Family" is available now!  

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CD Release Party!!! Oct7th!!  

Hey Everyone it's finally here!!!! I'm releasing my new album "Family"  on Friday Oct.7th. I can't explain how excited I am for it!!  It's going to be in Downtown Phoenix , AZ at this amazing spot called "Warehouse 215 Bentley Projects". Jus want everyone to save the date!!!!  10/7/16!!!!!
Thank Y'all for all the love 

New Album!!!!  

Last week I started recording my New Album in Tennessee!!!! I'm so excited!!!!! This next week I'm heading to California to continue working on it!! I can't wait to share it with y'all and I hope you stay tuned for updates along the way!!! We are looking to release it before the end of the year!!! Thank you to everyone for their continued support!!


New Video!!!! 

Posted a new YouTube Video!  "XO" - Beyonce Cover --- Kyle Phelan.  Check it out!!!  More to come this week….

Getting back Into season/ Recording/ Youtube videos  

The summer in Phoenix , AZ was about how it always is…. hot and slow. Ha. We're finally coming back to life and my schedule is filling up like crazy!!!  Please take a look at my "Calendar" page and find out where I'm playing!  I'm doing a healthy mixture of band and solo acoustic gigs throughout the rest of the year. 

I know I've be saying this for a long time, but i am actually working on finishing my acoustic album…FINALLY!!!!  I'm extremely picky about my finished products and want to show y'all my…

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Kyle Phelan lll

Kyle Phelan lll

In cart Not available Out of stock

2.Get Used To Me 
3.Save Me
4.No One Else 
5.Take Me Away
6.Messed Up
7.Owe You Somthing 
8.Don't Come Back
9.Take You So Long
10.Not Over You

Kyle Phelan

Kyle Phelan

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  1 Love you Crazy
  2 Sleepless Nights
  3 You Jus Messed Up
  4 Take My Love
  5 Bright Lights
  6 One Line
  7 Don't Give Up
  8 Don't Go
  9 Drinking Song
10 I've Been Waiting
11 Beautiful Danger
12 All or Nothing

I'll Be Ready

I'll Be Ready

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  1 Bright Lights
  2 Still Believing
  3 13 A
  4 Where Will You Go?
  5 Pillow
  6 The Chase
  7 Not Over You
  8 Whoa
  9 Ever Be the Same
10 Stuck
11 I'll Be Ready

My new CD "Family" is finally here.

My new CD "Family" is finally here.